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Why solar?

Why Solar?


Solar power is a renewable source of energy which is an effective way to power your home or business while also helping build a sustainable future….with the added benefit of saving you money. 

The advance in technology and added support through government rebates in recent years in Australia has seen an incredible growth in the adoption of roof top solar. According to the Clean energy Council, small-scale solar in Australia was responsible for 19.6 per cent of Australia’s clean energy generation in 2018 and 4.2 per cent of the Australia’s total electricity. 

The benefits of Solar

With the support of federal incentives and state government rebates, the solar industry continues to grow. More than 2 million households now enjoy the environmental and financial benefits of rooftop solar around Australia. So how can you benefit financially? In Victoria there are a number of different incentives and schemes available to help make solar accessible to house holds.

 STC’s – Small-scale Technology Certificates

Currently, under the Australian Governments Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES), eligible small-scale renewable energy systems are entitled to Small-scale technology Certificates (STC’s). This is an incentive which aims to help with the purchase cost of your system.  

The number of certificates (and therefore the financial incentive) created per system is determined by the geographical location, installation date and size of the system (in MWh).  This incentive can be claimed either by the customer or the installer, however as part of our service we offer to discount the credits for you not only to make your up front system costs lower, but to save you the headache of the paper work involved. 

Solar Victoria Solar Homes Rebate

Solar Victoria’s Solar Homes Rebate is set to re-open on July 1, 2019. Under the rebate scheme, eligible households will receive a rebate of $2225 or 50% of their system cost – whichever comes first. 

New guidelines require that households apply for and receive an eligibility number prior to installing their solar system. A minimum eligibility criteria must be met, one of which requires the customer chooses Clean Energy Council (CEC) Approved Product and a CEC Accredited Installer. Great Ocean Solar & Electrical only uses CEC approved products, are a CEC Accredited Installer and are compliant with the requirements to participate in the Solar Homes Program. 

Feed-In Tariff 

The Victorian Feed-in Tariffs scheme aims to fairly compensate customers for any excess power they feed back to the grid by way of financial compensation.  

Essentially, if you’re not using all of the electricity produced by your system the excess will be fed back to the grid and your retailer will provide you with a credit to your electricity bill. Feed-in tariff rates and terms and conditions may vary between retailers and we encourage you to discuss your feed-in tariff with your retailer. 

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