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SOLAR SYSTEM design and installation

Solar electricity is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to produce electricity. Our team of qualified solar electricians will work with you to determine the most suitable system for your job to ensure we achieve the best outcome. 

We will conduct an initial site visit to assess your existing conditions before preparing a solar panel layout and an obligation free quote. 

We will then book in our team to complete the installation at a time that suits you. Once installed, we carry out the full connection process and will also arrange for the final inspection from an independent electrical inspector.

Our installers are efficient reliable, and take care in every aspect of the installation.  

solar battery storage

With the price of electricity on a steady increase and the solar feed in tariff on a steady decline, the installation of batteries may be the perfect solution for you to help minimise or wipe out your electricity bills.

By storing the excess energy your solar system produces during the day you can avoid your reliance on the electricity grid and still power your house at night whilst your solar panels aren’t producing.

Great Ocean Solar & Electrical offer a range of solutions for solar power storage which we can integrate into existing solar systems or include in new installations. 

Contact us to discuss the options available. 


Once you’ve had your system installed, it’s important you carry out regular system service and cleans to ensure the safety and condition of components, as well as ensuring the maximum performance. Our licensed electricians will complete a full panel clean to remove any dirt and debris, as well as a full system inspection to check the quality and safety of all components. Contact us today to find out our service rates.

general electrical services

We offer a full range of general electrical services for domestic and commercial customers. 

Whether it be a new build, renovation, or general electrical maintenance and upgrades, we are happy to help. 

What Equipment Do We Use?

With the advance of technology over the last few years there is a large selection of solar equipment on the market. We specify from a selection of brands, dependant on the site requirements and budget of each project. We only use Clean Energy Council certified panels, and ensure the products we specify offer warranty on all products. Below is a list of brands we use. If there is a particular brand you’re after which is not listed below, please let us know.


LG Solar
Trina Solar
JA Solar


Enphase Micro Inverters


LG Chem