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how does solar work?

How Does Solar Work?

How does solar work?

Put simply, solar systems converter the sun’s energy into electricity to power your home…all while helping to build a sustainable future and saving you money. 

Solar works by converting the suns energy into electricity to power the appliances and lighting in your home, and any excess electricity that is not used by you is fed back to the grid, and in most cases your electricity provider will pay you a feed-in tariff for electricity fed back to the grid.  

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Residential solar PV systems are made up of Solar PV modules (solar panels) typically on your roof, which converts the sun’s energy in to Direct Current electricity (DC current). It then passes through your inverter where it is converted to Alternating Current (AC), which is the type of electricity used by the appliances in your home. The energy produced will pass through your meter (which connects your home to the grid) and feed your appliances to power your home. If your system is producing more electricity than you are using in your home, then the excess will be fed back to the grid, and typically you will receive a feed-in tariff from your electricity retailer (eg AGL, Origin, Simply Energy).  If you’re using more electricity that your system is producing, then you will draw additional electricity from the grid to power your home.